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Kids Animal Toys Lays Eggs Dinosaurs for extreme adventure!
  • 2017-11-24 13:53:34

Get ready for extreme adventure with this awesome lays eggs dinosaurs

Look out! It's the ferocious T-Rex come back to life in this Interactive Dinosaur exclusively from Banatoys. This amazing prehistoric creature is motion and touch activated by you! Touch different points to activate the sounds to hear him roar, stomp, chew, growl and even lay eggs. Amaze and maybe even scare your friends with this dynamic Dinosaur, its light and sound action and its ability of lay eggs.


· 1.100% hand environmental protection material lays eggs dinosaurs.

· 2.Top Race Dinosaur, Battery Powered Laying Egg Dinosaur. With Dinosaur Sounds and Lights.

· 3.Motion and touch activated, different touch points active the different features.

· 4.Image design Dinosaur, will walk and lay eggs while walking, swings its tail and neck and flash his eyes.

· 5.Teach your kids about dinosaurs in a fun and educational way. For boys or girls.

· 6.Includes/not includes: Dinosaur, Eggs / Without 3x AA batteries.

· 7.Nicely detailed: bright led lights come on throughout figure while it walks and lays eggs. For ages 3+

Banatoys is the home for Animal Planet toys, puzzles and animal themed playsets that you won't find anywhere else! Remote control animals, plush stuffed animals and dinosaurs toys all in one place! The Animal toys and playsets inspired by the world of Animal Planet, with fun for the whole family! Get exclusive deals on today's most popular toys and adventure sets with life-like animal assortments and themes from animal toys at Banatoys! Click here to check out even more exclusive Animal items!


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