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hungry hippo game
Happy kids hungry hippo board game with replacement balls

This kids’ chemistry set is a great educational toys for kids 6 year above.

stomp rocket
Step Missile Toy Launcher Stomp Rocket

This kids’ chemistry set is a great educational toys for kids 6 year above.

programmable robot toy
Programmable Interactive dancing remote control robot toy for toddler kids

Programmable remote Control RC Robots Interactive Walking Singing Dancing Smart Programmable Robotics for Kids Boys Girls

surprise doll
Mini tiny baby surprise ball dolls

Discover surprises inside with rare, limited-edition dolls and accessories!

 Stress Relief Ball Squeeze Toy
Grape Randomly Mesh Stress Relief Ball Squeeze Toy

Grape Randomly Mesh Stress Relief Ball Squeeze Toy If you interested in mesh ball this toy,please contact us now.

Guess Who Game
Classic Intelligent Educational Toy Guess Who Game

1,Superior quality and competitive price 2,Safety materials 3,Fun and Interesting for Kid to Play. 4.Classic Guess Who Game Intelligent Educational Toy test report:EN71,6P,AST

Magic Tracks Glow In Dark
Glow In Dark Magic Tracks For Kids

Racing car lights up the track as it zooms along

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  • Win at Mid-Autumn Festival!
    Win at Mid-Autumn Festival! 2018-10-05

    Autumn is a romantic season with suitable temperature and flower fragrance. People feel that everything is getting beautiful. At this time of the year, people will express their most sincere wishes and wishes. All quietly said the moon, this is the Mid-Autumn Festival. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the BanaToys staff who will enjoy playing will certainly not miss the opportunity. This Mid-Autumn Festival, we are coming to do things again! Pop cake event, let you have fun and have gifts! There is also a chance to gain the big luck! Win a elegant gift! Are you ready? Let's go! Pop cake event, let you have fun and have gifts! There is also a chance to gain the big luck! Win a elegant gift! Pop cake event is a long-standing custom of Mid-Autumn Festival in Xiamen. Everyone wants to bet on the luck of the all year to win a grand prize at this moment every year. Everyone is happy to get together,scream and cheer for the six dices. The time together is always the happiest, and the intense activity has completely ignited the enthusiasm of everyone. Everyone is full of rewards! Mid-Autumn Festival, the reunion of the full moon. Hope that every good luck in the game will bring you more joy and luck! Here, BanaToys staff sends the most sincere blessing: Wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and happiness! Guangdong BanaToys Co.,Limited Website: www.banatoys.com

  • Buy more! Save more!
    Buy more! Save more! 2018-09-25

    Super September is coming! Better deals, just in time. Now we have the main products on promotion. Free shipping 2 pcs Carnotaurus Velociraptor dinosaur hand puppet for kids * It shows the details of shape, texture, mouth tension, playability, recovery and so on. * 100% Hand made (use the bright color, wash water, paint, hand-painte...handcraft) * Indeformable, because if the puppet be squeezed, don't worry. Put it in boiling water,    dry environment, or put it in the sunshine (10-15 minutes), also can use the hair dryer to make it recovery. * Eco-friendly rubber material. * 2 pcs of puppet, can play with friends, parents can play with kids. All of the dinosaur hand puppet support amazon/ebay/wish online store to sale, We are their important suppliers. We also can offer the awesome pictures and video for you to show. Support for delivery on that day. By the way, we also have many kinds of free shipping toys in stock on promotion, including baby toy, educational toy, rc toy.. More informations pls kindly check the following picture:

  • BANA Happy Father's Day & Dragon Boat Festival
    BANA Happy Father's Day & Dragon Boat Festival 2018-07-09

    BANA Happy Father's Day & Dragon Boat Festival When Father's Day meets the Dragon Boat Festival, Are you trying to give your father the best love in the world? Banatoys prepared a gift for the Father's Day ---- Cup And the Dragon Boat Festival gift ---- zongzi Three of the most widespread activities conducted during the Duanwu Festival are eating zongzi, drinking realgar wine, and racing dragon boats.

The exhibition details as follows


    600+New Hot Item To Discover Trends 2018/10/23-26 Guangzhou Langham Place Hotel Banatoys Kissing Babies Item:Baby toys Banatoys Building Talent Item:Educational toys Banatoys Touching The world Item:Boy toys More News, Please follow us at: https://twitter.com/Banatoys2005https://www.facebook.com/Banatoys/ https://www.pinterest.com/banatoys2005/bana-ishow

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  • Banatoys, a exhibition booth that customers afraid to come again!
    Banatoys, a exhibition booth that customers afraid to come again!


    Warning! Warning! Bana’s booth almost stampede by customers in Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair! After more than a month of preparations, at the beginning of 2018, Banatoys took part in the New Year's Power Station to Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair at January. It's different that the theme of our show is to congratulate you on making a fortune,which gains the full recognition by the mass customers around the world. Today, following me to feel Bana how to play Hong Kong show in a new style! Telling you the truth, there’re a group of soldiers generals layout the entire show day and night that create one after another miracles in Bana! ABOUT SPOT After reading these, do you curious about what the exhibition product is? We brought rc toys, educational toys, kids toys, outdoor toys, baby toys and sport toys to Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair. Let’s look at some live images! Taking a look, there’re huge crowds. Each series is so extraordinary charming that attracting a large number of customers, which building a solid foundation for our customers to make an order! It’s exciting that we have attracted a lot of customers and dealt a lot of orders there. At the same time, we also prepared a scarf gift to the customer. How about it? Is it arouse your enthusiasm? Join us now! ABOUT OUR TEAM Bana family, is a young, hardworking and cohesive team, who has always insisted on provide the best customer service. We build our own stage, let the world see! We write our own script, I believe we will always be the protagonist! We create our own charm, make a surprise to our customer! We work hard for the sake of our dreams together, we try our best together and share our joy and share responsibility together! More details please click here to contact us!

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