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Best Pranks to Play on Your Kids This April Fools' Day

Fun kid-friendly tricks for prankster parents

April Fools' Day or April Fool's Day (sometimes called All Fools' Day) is an annual custom on April 1 consisting of practical jokes and hoaxes. Jokesters often expose their actions by shouting "April fools" at the recipient. Mass media can be involved in these pranks, which may be revealed as such the following day. The day is not a public holiday in any country except Odessa in Ukraine, where the first of April is an official city holiday.

Ready, set — PRANK!

April Fools’ Day is a fun holiday to share with your family.we’ve gathered 3 kid-friendly tricks that will make your kids giggle.

The following April Fools’ pranks are (relatively) harmless so you can have a little good fun, all in the name of the game. Scroll down for ideas.

Bubble wrap play mat

Borrow this idea from Make It and Love It by placing a sheet of bubble wrap under the playmat and get a laugh as kids are surprised by the popping . For extra fun, also you can put several sheets of bubble wrap under an area rug and have a dance-off. 

Chang Battery For The RC Car or Other Remote

According to Not So Idle Hands, messing with the remote is a great trick to play on your kids. Simply remove the batteries from the remote and replace them with other  ,such as balloon, fools!” See how long it takes before they figure it out. 

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