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Every little child in the world,They're all cosmic cuties.

Make parents laugh with their body language when they can't speak.

When they can talk, they always say something cute.

The creativity of children,far beyond our imagination.


Give a paintbrush, and they will paint a sky of many colours;

Given a lump of clay, they can shape strange animals;

Give a room of toys, they can probably spell out a fantasy world!

We were divided into 2 area :
Infant play (0-3 years old)

Creative area (3-6 years old, 6-12 years old) [Creative handcraft group] [Art painting group]


Choose what I want, play and grow

We have prepared 6 series of brand toys this carnival´╝îfor different ages children to play.

The Creative Art Theme is "DREAM TOY"
Create creative DIY and children's hand-painted works,Then the children cast their favorite works.

Let's enjoy the children's Artworks :

Are children more creative than you ever imagine?

Voting :

After the children have done some creative work, the exciting time to vote comes,
Congratulations to the following 9 children, who won the first and second runners-up respectively, and The Outstanding Works Award.


Clown Balloon Interaction,Sweet Parent-child Time

Where would you like the next "FUN 2 LEARN" Carnival to be held? Leave us a message.

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