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"No contact epidemic prevention" Guide

"No contact epidemic prevention" Guide

1. Prepare disinfectant and wet paper towels at home

2. Open the packing box with box opener and disposable gloves at Doorway

3.Take out toys and masks from the packing box

4. Wipe toys box with disinfectant and wet wipes

5. Carry them to home safely

BANATOYS help prevent and control COVID-19

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has spread to a number of countries around the world. As a socially responsible business, to support for COVID-19, BANATOYS work hard to contribute to reducing the outbreak.
From now on, each customer will have a free gift of epidemic prevention supplies, including protective face mask, alcohol wipe pad and disposal gloves!
If you have demand for this , please feel free to contact us.

Let's work hard together to fight the epidemic!

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