Swimming Pool EVA Ball Soft Bullet Squirt Spray Water Cannon Blaster Shooter Watergun Toy Water Gun for Kids
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EVA Ball Soft Bullet Squirt Spray Water Cannon Blaster Shooter Shark Toy Water Gun for Kids 

Animal Squirt Water Blaster Suitable for 3 Agre +  Children


【Growing Skills】: 

Enhances Fine Motor Skills
 Social & Communication Skills
Language and Communication 
★ Cultivate Parent-Child Relationship

【Selling Points】: 

✪ Design Patents
Range: 30 ft
✪ Capacity : 7.5ml
Cartoon Animal Shape : Shark ,Goldfish
✪ More Play scene : 
   1. Water shooting game
   2. Outdoor competition Water shooting
   3. Bathroom game play water shooting ball
   4. Outdoor competition air shooting
   5. Indoor interaction air shooting ball board game 
   6. Watering the flowers & plant

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