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BABY&TODDLER  (0 - 3 Years)
Information on Milestones for Infants & Toddlers (Ages 0-3)


Visaual focus matures - follows objects with eyes
Learns to localize sounds and turns to see
Gains control of hands-learns to bat,then reach and grasp objects.
Discovers feet - brings feet to mouth and explores with feet.
Begins to sit with support.
Large muscle play may include rolling、 scooting 、 rocking 、bouncing


Toys for this age are primarily for looking listening sucking or lingering
Infants 0-2 months enjoy seeing and hearing interestedin things.
Infants 2-6 months show growing interest in touching holding ,batting turning ,shaking ,kcking mouthing and tasting objects.
Infants like to see
Bright primary colors
High contrast
Simple designs
Clear lines and features
Huma face features (esp eyes)
Bull's eye pattern

Infants enjoy watching 

hanging objects or mobiles that move by wind,wind-up action , 
or infant's own activity.
Toys for watching should be suspended only 8-14inches(200-360mm) from the infant's eyes and angles toward his/her eyes,then moved up out of reach when he/she can touch them.

Infants enjoy variety

Infants enjoy producing effects on toys by their own activity
Toys for holding should be light and easy to grasp

Mouth toys should have all safety  features recommended for infants

No sharp points or edges
No small parts to be lodged in throat,ears,noses.
No electrical parts.
Nontoxic materials
No glass or brittle plastic
No parts to entrap fingers,toes,hands
No long strings