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School-Age Kids  (6 - 12 Years)
Abilities and interests

Primary School Age 6, 7 and 8 Years


• large muscle abilities and interests include: jumprope, hopscotch, stunts and climbing (trees, trapeze), ice skating, roller skating, riding bicycle, water sports, ball play (but most not ready for competitive team sports) 
• small muscle abilities and interests include: printing, drawing with pencils, simple sew- ing (can sew straight line), simple carpentry (can saw straight line), weaving, braiding, string small beads, cutting out paper dolls, jigsaw puzzles
• will practice in target games or to improve a skill


Child primarily interested in goal rather Push and Pull Toys Construction Toys than means or process
• Experimentation becomes increasingly Ride-On Toys construction sets (wood, plastic, metal) "scientific" 
• Child less dependent on concrete object for both feet on ground) sets with motorized parts concept 

Child can 

• increasingly make use of reading, writings and simple arithmetic in games and toys 
• do simple sewing, weaving, braiding, ceramics, jewelry kits - has greatly increased fine motor control
• use simple mechanical toys (cars, trains) 

Child is interested in 

• time and seasons and in toys marking time 
• collections of things 
• line between fantasy and reality (likes tricks and magic and disguise kits) 
• producing products in arts, crafts, woodworking etc.
• kits (science, craft, models) and can follow simple directions
• adult roles and likes realistic costumes and props for character play
• rudiments of sports and skill development

Children show increasing variation in interest and abilities

Reading interests vary but child beginning to be able to use dictionary

Beginning of interest in giving "shows"

Great interest in "fairness" but hates to lose and will cheat to win in games

Toys should have no sharp points or edges

No electrical parts without adult supervision